Service agreement

welcome to use the Chinese world network service (hereinafter referred to as service)

tip: before using the service, you should read and comply with the "Chinese world network service agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") and "privacy policy" clause, please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the contents of the provisions, especially to exempt or limit liability applicable terms, dispute settlement and legal clause. The terms for "exemption" or "limitation of liability" may be displayed in bold font. You should read


when you follow the prompts to complete the registration page information, read and agree to the agreement and complete the registration procedures, or in accordance with your activation prompts to fill the page information, read and agree to the agreement and complete the activation process, or in other Chinese Web site allows you the actual use of the service, that is all you have fully read, understand and accept this agreement, this agreement is legally binding. You undertake to accept and comply with the terms of this agreement, then you should not have not read the contents of this agreement or not get the world Chinese net's answers to any of your inquiries and other reasons, this agreement is invalid, or request to cancel this agreement.

1. Contracting parties

this agreement by using the Chinese world network services through the world Chinese website, mobile client software and other users (hereinafter referred to as "customer" or "you") and Chinese Shenzhen World International Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "world network" Chinese) jointly concluded.

two. Agreement content and effect

1, this agreement includes the main body of this Agreement and all Chinese in the world network has released or may be issued in the future privacy policy, policies, rules, statements, notices, warning and description (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"). The foregoing rules shall be an integral part of this agreement, and shall have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement.

2, the China world network shall have the right to formulate and amend the agreement and relevant rules from time to time as required, and the amended agreements and rules shall be replaced by the original agreement and rules immediately after they are promulgated. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should stop using the Chinese Web service immediately. If you continue to use the Chinese Internet service or any website activities, that is, you have accepted the amended agreements and rules.

three. Service content The Chinese

1. network to provide WeChat app, mobile phone client (iOS and Android versions), computer WEB terminal services software (specific to the world network Chinese shall prevail), the world will continue to enrich Chinese network terminal, form your use of the service, if you have registered a form of service is you can use the service to other versions of the same account, use this agreement automatically apply to you on all versions of the software and services.


2. service includes support for search, exchange and publish information technology functions, these functions may need to change according to user needs, as a result of different service version, or service provider judgment is optimized or modified, or for the maintenance of regular and irregular and temporary corrosion

3, meanwhile, reserves the right to decide on any part of its services or services and its related functions, applications, changes, upgrades, modifications, and transfers at any time. You agree, for the above acts, the Chinese world network without notice, and to you and any third people without any responsibility.

four. Registration and account management

1, please confirm and complete the registration process or in the Chinese world network to allow the actual use of services when you, you shall be a natural person with full capacity for civil rights and civil acts and adapt in the capacity of a legal person or other organization. If you do not have the qualification, do not use the service, or you and your guardians should bear all the consequences as a result, Chinese and world network (freeze) have the right to cancel your account, and to you and your guardian claims. If you are a representative of the company or other legal entity registered or in other Chinese Web site to allow the actual use of the service, then you represent and warrant that you have the right to the company or the legal subject of this Agreement "clause" constraints.

2, when you register, should be in accordance with the laws and regulations and service requirements, according to the corresponding page prompts, accurate and timely update your data, in order to make it true, timely, complete and accurate. You promised not to register a Chinese over the world network account, may not impersonate others to register, not without permission for others to register, not by other users may lead to misidentification of the way of the registered account, do not use may infringe the rights of others name registration (including but not limited to the alleged trademark infringement, etc.). Otherwise, the world Chinese network has the right to cancel this account.

3, you understand and agree that the Chinese world network registered account (including client accounts and service management accounts) ownership belongs to the Chinese world network, after registration is completed, you only access to the right to use the account. Chinese world network account right to use only attributable to the initial application for registration of persons, shall not in any way or transfer is provided to others to use, otherwise, the Chinese network has the right to immediately without notice to withdraw the account, resulting from your use of the service of all data and information is empty, lost loss. You should bear.

4, after your successful registration, the Chinese world network will confirm your identity according to the account number and password. You should keep your terminal and account and password, all activities and use of the account and password of (including but not limited to online click agree to submit various rules or agreements or purchase services, share information or pictures, initiate activities) take full responsibility. You promised by unauthorised use in password or account or any other security problems arise, the world will immediately notify the Chinese network, and you agree and confirm the above situation, the Chinese world network not produced any direct or indirect loss or damage liability. Your account and password shall not be transferred, donated or inherited in any way unless you have laws or judicial rulings, except for the property rights and interests related to the account.

5, you understand and agree that if you registered Chinese world net account for more than 12 months without logging, the world network for Chinese website optimization purposes of management has the right to recovery of the account, related problems and the responsibility are borne by you.

6, the world Chinese network according to withdraw or cancel the account after this agreement, have the right to account related content and information to include but not limited to delete manner, and without regard to the user any responsibility.

five. Service usage specification

1, users fully understand and agree that the China world network only provides users with service platform, you should be responsible for all the services and results of the use of their own services. Accordingly, you should understand that the use of Chinese Internet service may result in the risk of illegal or improper behavior (or information) from others, and you should judge and act on your own initiative and take risks accordingly.

2 you should pay for the expenses arising from the use of the service on your own, but not limited to, including but not limited to the Internet traffic fee, communication service fees and so on.

3 unless otherwise noted, the services under this Agreement are for personal use only. You undertake not to copy, copy, sell, resell, or use, including, but not limited to, advertising or any other commercial purpose of any part of this service or the use or acquisition of this service.

4, you undertake not to use this service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following behavior:

4.1 uploads, transmits, or shares information containing one of the following:

(a) opposes the basic principles established by the constitution;

(b) endangers national security, divulges State secrets, subverts state power and undermines the unity of the state;

(c) damages national honor and interests;

(d) inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

(E) undermines state religious policies and promotes cults and feudal superstition;

(f) spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;

(g) disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime;

(H) insulting or slander others and infringing upon the lawful rights of others;

(I) contains false, fraudulent, harmful, threatening, infringing on other people's privacy, harassment, abuse, slander, vulgarity, obscenity, or other morally objectionable content;

(J) contains Chinese laws, regulations, regulations, regulations, and any other content restricted or prohibited by legally binding norms;

4.2 pretends to be a person or institution, or falsely or falsely expresses or falsely relates to any person or institution;

4.3 falsified the title or otherwise manipulated the identification material so that it was mistaken for the Chinese world network or its associated company;

4.4 will be based on any legal or contractual or legal relationship (e.g. due to internal data, the employment relationship and the basis of NDA income disclosure of knowledge or exclusive and confidential information) but no transfer of any known content to upload, transfer or share;

4.5 shall upload, transmit or share the rights of other rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets),

4.6 stalking or otherwise harassing others;

4.7 any advertising, promotional information and promotional materials, "junk" and "junk mail" and "chain letters", "direct" or any other form of persuasive data to upload, transfer or share; except for the purpose of using a special area or special function;

4.8 conducts any communication or communication between internal or external users,


4.9 between friends or users beyond normal internal or external information communication purposes (including but not limited to send spam, harassment or other illegal information purposes; 4.10) through the service to send a lot of information;

4.11 violates laws, regulations, socialist systems, national interests, the legitimate interests of citizens, public order, social morality and information authenticity, such as "seven bottom line" requirements;

4.12 acts in violation of Chinese laws, regulations, regulations, policies and normative documents.

5, you undertake not to undertake the following behavior to this software and service:

5.1 information about the interference, destroy or limit any computer software, hardware or communication equipment software viruses or other computer code, files and programs, to upload, post, email or otherwise transfer;

5.2 interference or disruption of the service or network of servers and networks connected to this service, or any violation of the provisions, procedures, policies or norms relating to the network of services;

5.3 forged instructions and data in the operation of software by modifying or increase, deletion, change the function of the software or operating results, or will be used for the application software, method of operation or communication to the public, regardless of whether they are for commercial purposes;

5.4 through the non Chinese world network development, authorized third party software, plug-in, plug-in, system, login or use software and services, or the production, publication, dissemination of the above tools;

5.5 interferes with the software and its components, modules, data and so on by itself, by authorizing others or by using third party software.

6, you promise that you will strictly abide by this Agreement (including the rules set out in Article 1 of this Agreement) when you use the China World Web service.

7, you agree to and accept the world net Chinese without constantly monitoring data and information transmission, you upload and share, but the world has the right to use your Chinese network service situation review, supervision and take appropriate action, including but not limited to delete information, suspend or terminate the service, and report to the relevant authorities.

8, you promise not to use this service in any form to infringe upon the commercial interests of the Chinese Internet, or to engage in any acts that may cause damage to the Chinese Internet or to the Chinese world network.

9, you understand and agree that in the Chinese world network services in the process of Chinese world network and Chinese world network company or its authorized units and individuals have the right ways to put in all kinds of commercial advertisement or any other type of promotional information, at the same time, you agree to receive by e-mail or other means to send you the advertisement or promotion information.

10, you fully understand and agree that you must be responsible for all the actions under your registered account, including any content you publish and any consequences arising therefrom. You should use this service to contact the content of their own judgment, and assume all risks arising from the use of the content, including the risks arising from dependence on the content of the correctness, completeness or usefulness of the. The Chinese Internet cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the foregoing risks.

11, if the world net Chinese found or received reports of others you are in violation of this agreement, the world Chinese network has the right at any time without notice to delete the relevant content, and take the shield, including but not limited to recover the account limit, suspend, terminate your use of all or part of the services, legal liability and other measures.

six. Service charge

1, any free trial or free function and service of this service should not be regarded as the right to abandon the following fees. China world network has the right to notify you in advance 7 days in advance form charges, and if you continue to use, you need to pay fees according to the Chinese world network charges.

2, all fees through the Chinese world network accepted payment in advance payment. The aforesaid fee does not include any other taxes, fees or related remittances, otherwise you should make up the payment or pay the expenses by yourself.

The network

3, according to the actual situation of Chinese have the right to unilaterally adjust 7 days in advance of the charge standard and charge mode, and in the form of announcement to inform you, and without your prior consent, if you do not agree to use fees shall immediately stop the service, otherwise is deemed to have agreed to and shall pay the expenses.

seven. Special authorization

1, when you to the world people network affiliates make any form of commitment, and the company has confirmed that you have violated this commitment, the world Chinese network has the right to immediately according to your commitments agreed to adopt the way of restrictions on your account, including but not limited to suspend or terminate the service to you, and the relevant publicity the company to confirm your default. You understand and agree that there is no need to verify the facts with you or to ask for your permission, and the Chinese world network shall not accept any responsibility for this restriction or publicity.

2, once you are in breach of this agreement or other agreement with the Chinese world network signed the agreement, the Chinese network has the right to inform the Chinese world network affiliates in any way, requirements for your rights to take restrictive measures, including but not limited to the requirements of the Chinese world network affiliates to suspend, terminate part or all of the services provided to you, and in its operation or actual control of any default on your website publicity.

eight. Third party business interface

1, China world network allows third party application access service platform, you can directly obtain, including, but not limited to, OA software and other three party application services in the Chinese world network. You understand and agree that the China world network is only a platform provider, and the relevant applications are provided by the third parties independently. The Chinese world wide web does not accept any responsibility for the use of the application.

2, you understand and agree that the Chinese world network will not be held responsible for any adjustment, suspension or termination of the service or its parts, which has an impact on the third party application service.

nine. Service aborted or terminated

1, you agree that, in view of the special nature of Internet services, the world Chinese network has the right to suspend, terminate or suspend the termination of the service or any part of it; for the suspension or termination of the free service, the Chinese network without notice to you.

2, you understand and agree that the Chinese network may regularly or periodically to provide network services platform, software and hardware facilities and equipment maintenance or repair, such as service charges caused by suspended within a reasonable period of time for such a situation, the world Chinese network without liability, but should as far as possible prior notice.

3, if there is one of the following Breach of contract, the Chinese world network can immediately suspend or terminate the service for users, and require users to compensate for the loss:

3.1 users violate the fourth registration obligations;

3.2 users do not pay the corresponding service charge when using toll network services;

3.3 users violate the regulation on the use of fifth services.

ten. Privacy policy

1, you have a password protection function in the China world service account, to ensure the safety of your basic information, please keep your account and password information.

The world network

2, Chinese efforts to take safety measures in physical and electronic management and reasonable to protect your information, so that you store in the world network Chinese information and communication content will not be leakage, damage or loss, including but not limited to SSL, information storage, data encryption access control center. We may contact information staff or outsourcing staff has adopted a strict management, including but not limited to, according to the different positions by different access control, signed a confidentiality agreement with them, their measures such as monitoring operation. The Chinese network will provide appropriate security measures to protect your information according to the existing technology, to provide security and reasonable, the world Chinese network at any time will try to make your information will not be leaked, damage or loss, but also please pay attention to the information on the network does not exist in the security measures of absolutely perfect. Please take good care of the relevant information.

The world network

3, Chinese have the right to determine the maximum storage space of your data data in this software and service in the long storage period, the server according to the actual situation, you should take good care of the terminal, account number and password, and properly keep the relevant information and content, the Chinese day net lead to your own reason data lost or stolen and delete the relevant data in the software and services or storage failure is not liable.

4 and other privacy policies are shown in the "China World Service privacy policy".

eleven. Intellectual property rights

1, you understand and agree that unless the world network of Chinese separate statement under this Agreement contains all the products, services, technology, software programs, data and other information (including but not limited to text, images, pictures, photos, audio, video, graphics, color, surface design, electronic documents) of all intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secrets) and related rights are owned by the world Chinese network or its affiliates all.

2, you should ensure that, unless the Chinese made the world net written authorization for the right (you may not and shall not permit any third) implementation including but not limited to lease, lend, sell, distribute, modify, copy, reprint, compilation, publication and compilation, reverse engineering, reduction, reverse compilation, or by other the original code of behavior found.

3, the Chinese world network services related to Logo, "Chinese world" such as text, graphics and composition, as well as other Chinese world network identification, characteristics, product and service names are Chinese world network and its affiliates in Chinese and other national trademark, the user shall not in any way, or for other treatments did not the Chinese world net written authorization, nor to others that you have the right to display, use, or other treatment.

twelve. Limited liability

1, the service will be provided according to the status quo and the "available" status. Chinese net world made it clear without any express or implied warranty of service, including but not limited to the applicability of the service, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitable for a particular purpose such as guarantee, declaration or promise.

2, China world network is not committed and guaranteed to the effectiveness, accuracy, accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, integrity and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the service.

3, in any case, the world Chinese network are not due to the Internet connection fault, fault, computer, communication or other power system fault, strike, labor disputes, violence, uprising, riots, lack of productivity or production of fire, flood, storm, explosion, force majeure, war, government behavior. Domestic and international order of the court or the third party is not caused by the not service or delay service responsibility.

4, whether or not can be predicted, whether it is due to what kind of behavior, the Chinese world network not caused by any special, direct, indirect, punitive, sudden or causal damage or any other damages (including but not limited to the profit or loss of interest, to suspend business data loss responsibility).

4.1 uses or cannot use services;

4.2 expenses arising from the purchase or acquisition of any product, sample, data, information or transaction by service, or any other act that may substitute for such act;

4.3 unauthorized access or modification of data or data transmission;

4.4 statements or actions made by service by the third parties;

4.5 other services related incidents, including negligence, etc..

5, you fully understand and agree that, in view of the special nature of the Internet system and environment, information and personal information you share in service may be copied, reproduced, tampering or other illegal purposes; here has been fully conscious of the existence of such risks, and confirm the risk should be borne entirely by you in this regard, the world Chinese network does not assume any responsibility.

6, you understand and agree that there may be others from any threats including defamatory, offensive or illegal content or behavior or the rights of others in violation of service process (including intellectual property rights) and risk information anonymous or false, the use of standardized service based on the you should bear the risk, the world Chinese network shall not take any responsibility.

thirteen. Liability for breach of contract and compensation

1, if the world net Chinese found or received reports of others you are in violation of this agreement, the world Chinese network has the right at any time without notice to delete the relevant content, and take the shield, including but not limited to the limit, suspend, terminate your use of World Chinese network account and service, limit, suspend, terminate your use some or all of the services (including but not limited to delete the communication information, send messages, such as restrictions on legal liability and other measures).

2, you agree, because you through the service to upload, transfer or share information, using the service to other functions, the violation of this agreement, or infringement of any rights and from you or cause any third people to people in the world network and its affiliates, any claim or request, or the Chinese world network and its affiliates and therefore any the loss, you will accept full compensation (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees).

fourteen. Valid notification

Any notice of the world network

1, the Chinese sent you, by e-mail, web page open regional bulletin and personal area network, mobile phone SMS tips or regular mail and other means, and such notice shall be deemed to have since the date of dispatch service to the user or effect.

2, you agree to notify you of any people in the world should be a network technician to Chinese foreign official announcement way to inform the user's e-mail address, fax number, and other contact information, send up or use other Chinese Web site recognized by the other notice.

fifteen. Dispute resolution and other

1, the interpretation and application of this agreement, and the disputes relating to this Agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China, and the jurisdiction of the court of first instance shall be based on the location of the website of the Chinese people's network.

2 if any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the above terms may be separated, and the rest shall remain legally valid.

3, China World Wide Web, shall waive the rights stipulated in this agreement in the event of a subscriber's fault or breach of contract, and shall not be deemed to have abstained from other or later similar negligence or breach of contract.

4 this Agreement shall supersede all oral and written agreements, arrangements, understandings and correspondence reached between the two parties on any matter of this agreement.

The world Chinese network

5, shall be entitled to all the rights and obligations under this Agreement be transferred to its affiliates according to business restructuring, transfer to the provisions of this Agreement are not notified, user commitment objection.