overseas marketing manager 1 (Shenzhen headquarters)

Job Description:
Job responsibilities:
2. implement the brand planning and specification, brand promotion strategy, strengthen cooperation with third party organizations, all kinds of promotional activities, to enhance the company's international brand identification and activity.
3. aided design and maintenance of website, management of overseas social media promotion, research and development of new media and promotion, promote the upgrading of pipeline network promotion.
4. to assist in the planning organization of online and offline marketing activities, and follow up the activities in the market; /
6. through market research to provide product demand, product innovation,
7.. Responsible for overseas sales service.
1. bachelor degree or above, good English reading and writing skills; /
Basically do not go abroad, basically be online operation and communication, ask English communication barrier.

domestic business Commissioner 1 (Shenzhen headquarters)

Job Description:
Job responsibilities:
1, according to the target of company products and integration of resources cooperation, expand and deepen cooperation between the various types of business, such as banking, finance, society and enterprises, and timely feedback of market information;
2, responsible for business related work, from the initial contact, communication, cooperation, cooperation in the implementation of planning and follow up the whole process;
3, maintain partnerships, coordinate and solve the various problems in the cooperation of
5, expand the influence of the company in the industry, the company won the strategic industry partners to support;
6, responsible for domestic sales services.
1, more than 3 years related working experience, bachelor degree or above;
2, have strong communication skills and business negotiation;
3, have good ability to integrate resources, to integrate internal and external resources;
4, good analytical ability and problem solving ability;
5, have good communication and coordination capacity;
6 、 excellent execution ability, rich team leader and management experience, team work spirit.

product operations 1 people (Taishan operations center)

Job Description:
Job responsibilities:
1, follow up the product planning process, including communication with product / marketing / Sales Department, collect the user / customer demand, market and competitive analysis, provide product innovation and planning proposals;
2, responsible for basic data collection, collation, analysis, support daily data demand;
3, the Monitor Company operating data, finishing operations report regularly, timely feedback to the management company operating status;
5, through the activities of planning, improve product flow, user volume, user activity and other indicators.
Job requirements:
1. financial media, business consulting, mobile marketing and other related industries for more than 3 years of operating experience is preferred;
2. understand the operation data analysis, evaluation methods, proficient in operating and planning, operation channel, operating activities in the form of planning;
3. with the entrepreneurial mentality, personal willingness is extremely strong, not afraid of difficulties, the courage to take responsibility for the results;
4., excellent writing skills, planning ability, innovative consciousness and coordination ability; good team work spirit, and promote the implementation ability; skilled use of Excel, SPSS statistical analysis tools.

customer service manager 1 (Taishan operations center)

Job Description:
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the 400 telephone number, WeChat group and WeChat public online platforms such as customer maintenance, customer service and consumer interaction, answering pre-sales guidance;
2, develop customer service standards, processes and systems to improve and solve the common problems of customer feedback process, all-round improve the quality of service and sales skills;
3, to accept the customer about the user on the use of inquiries, visits, complaints and suggestions;
4 、 design and optimize customer service processes, optimize customer service quality.
1, bachelor degree or above, finance, public relations and other related professionals;
2, 3 years working experience in customer service management in the Internet industry, telephone customer service management processes;
3, standard Mandarin, good communication skills and strong judgment ability;
4, with good coordination and communication skills, strong learning ability, positive;
5, have a strong operational concepts, enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility, team awareness;

copywriter planning 1 people (Taishan operations center)

Job Description:
Job responsibilities:
Media planning, responsible for the company's 1 small programs, series of APP products;
Write 2, multiple types of news communication products;
3, responsible for the small program, APP product marketing channel and copywriter planning;
4, the operation of product platform content.
1, with more than three years working experience in media or related experience, have originality and strategic thinking ability;
2, strong writing and editing skills, language fluency;
Creative and text 3, excellent expression and independent operation and the ability to carry out creative activities;
4, systematic strategy thinking and strong logical analysis, sharp hole friction force, active thinking, profound;
5, have good communication ability and team cooperation consciousness, initiative, passion for work;
6, in line with one of the above conditions: have financial knowledge background, media experience, technology and financial media columnist, have mobile Internet product copywriting planning experience preferred.