social responsibility

"To be the most respected overseas Chinese Internet enterprise" is the core concept of the social responsibility of the Chinese world international group. It urges the Chinese world international group to always develop the company's business with long-term vision, honesty, responsible conduct and common growth. Chinese World International Group will also be combined with the actual situation of corporate social responsibility and relevant international standards, the social responsibility of the enterprise is subdivided into four specific responsibility module and timely assessment to ensure that business with Chinese World International Group mission -- by connecting all Internet services to enhance the quality of life of overseas chinese. We believe that through the joint development of the corporate social responsibility of the four modules, you can create a favorable external environment for the development of enterprises, to bring more high-quality service for users, so as to promote the progress and development of the whole society.

  • 企业经营维度

    abide by the law, pay taxes and audit compliance according to law

    honest management, to protect the interests of shareholders

    care for employees, providing training and development opportunities,

    build a diverse corporate culture,

  • 用户维度

    listens to the user's voice and continues to improve service quality

    honest users, protect user rights and interests

    everything in order to achieve user value as a prerequisite

  • 社会维度

    public charity investment

    promoting innovation and intellectual property law construction

    industry contribution and open cooperation

  • 环境维度

    environmental priority principle

    strategies for sustainable investment

    's commitment to eco sustainability