Privacy policy

privacy policy

1, you have a password protection function in the China world service account, to ensure the safety of your basic information, please keep your account and password information.

The world network

2, Chinese efforts to take safety measures in physical and electronic management and reasonable to protect your information, so that you store in the world network Chinese information and communication content will not be leakage, damage or loss, including but not limited to SSL, information storage, data encryption access control center. We may contact information staff or outsourcing staff has adopted a strict management, including but not limited to, according to the different positions by different access control, signed a confidentiality agreement with them, their measures such as monitoring operation. The Chinese network will provide appropriate security measures to protect your information according to the existing technology, to provide security and reasonable, the world Chinese network at any time will try to make your information will not be leaked, damage or loss, but also please pay attention to the information on the network does not exist in the security measures of absolutely perfect. Please take good care of the relevant information.

The world network

3, Chinese have the right to determine the maximum storage space of your data data in this software and service in the long storage period, the server according to the actual situation, you should take good care of the terminal, account number and password, and properly keep the relevant information and content, the Chinese day net lead to your own reason data lost or stolen and delete the relevant data in the software and services or storage failure is not liable.

4 and other privacy policies are shown in the "China World Service privacy policy".