Chinese Convention on World Wide Web

Chinese Convention on World Wide Web

1. registration specification

The name of the

1.1 enterprise (team) needs to be registered under the name of the real enterprise / agency / team.

1.2 industry type is consistent with the enterprise itself,

1.3 city shall be registered in the city where the enterprise is registered.

1.4 enterprise certification name to ensure unique identification and objectivity in the field,

has banned banned invading the right name, exaggerated advertising and misleading, consistent with the

business license

1.5 prohibits use:

1.5.1 ethnic discriminatory

1.5.2 exaggerated propaganda and deceptive

1.5.3 is harmful to the socialist morality or other harmful effects of

1.5.4 ambiguous, misleading or infringing other users, third party legitimate rights and interests as the name of the enterprise (team) name

1.6 enterprise (team) registration should abide by "Chinese world service agreement"

2. authentication specification

specific details see "Chinese world network authentication standard"

3. audit rules

3.1 upload documents clarity, authenticity;

3.2 fill in the information and upload authentication data consistency and authenticity;

3.3 official seal, business license, legal person certificate, certificate of authorization accuracy and authenticity;

3.4 China Internet Corporation reserves the right to recognize the authenticity, integrity and legality of the information submitted by you, and reserves the right to request additional information, and reserves the right to decide whether or not the authentication has been passed.

4. behavior specification /b>

The user

4.1 shall be certified by the certification in a timely manner to improve the enterprise and personal information, and in accordance with the "Chinese net world convention" internal and external business development office cooperation, the world Chinese network has the right to suspend or cancel your interests, including but not limited to suspend the application, cancellation of certification, reduce rights.

4.2 if you register after the violation of "Chinese world network service agreement", "Chinese net world convention" or other malicious behavior, such as the Chinese world network service part or all of the sale or exchange of interests, the world will have the right to take the Chinese network including but not limited to suspend service, stop the service account, cancel and withdraw certification, Feng Ting account reduce or cancel the rights and other measures.

4.3 please do not publish pyramid selling, harassment or interference with the normal communication order of the Chinese world network, such as:

4.3.1 is engaged in interfering with the normal communication and communication order of the Chinese world network,

4.3.2 sends a lot of harassment information through the Chinese Web;

4.3.3 releases illegal advertising, such as drug trafficking, credit card cash, processing, illegal engraving, etc.;

4.3.4 sent for revenge, such as accounts receivable underworld information; hire, entice others to engage in terrorist and violent activities; cliques, recruiting members, which pose a potential threat to the social order of the content.

4.4 please do not release pornographic, pornographic and pornographic content, such as:

4.4.1 spread pornographic and pornographic content, including, but not limited to, prostitutes, seeking one night stands, sexual partners, etc.;

4.4.2 sends pornographic texts, erotic videos and erotic cartoons for erotic purposes, but not limited to the above;

4.5 do not publish inappropriate political statements or any statements that violate the laws, regulations and policies of the state, such as:

4.5.1 opposes the basic principles established by the constitution;

4.5.2 endangers state security, divulges State secrets, subverts state power and undermines the unity of the state;

4.5.3 incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, destruction of national unity, or infringement of ethnic customs and habits;

4.5.4 undermines state religious policies and promotes cults and Superstitions;

4.5.5 spreading rumors, disrupting social order and undermining social stability;

4.5.6 promotes gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crime;

4.5.7 incitement to unlawful assembly, association, procession, demonstration and gathering of people to disrupt social order;

4.5.8 contains other contents prohibited by laws, administrative regulations and state regulations.

4.6 undertakes the social responsibility, spreads the positive energy, defends the seven bottom line together, reaches the consensus, creates the healthy upward network environment;

4.6.1 bottom line of laws and regulations. 4.6.2 socialist system bottom line.

4.6.3 bottom line of national interest. 4.6.4 citizens' legal rights and interests.

4.6.5 bottom line of social order. 4.6.6 moral habits, bottom line.

Bottom line of

4.6.7 information authenticity.

supplementary provisions:


1" and "Convention" in this Convention refer to the current laws and regulations of the mainland of People's Republic of China. If this Convention is in conflict with the laws and regulations, it shall prevail in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations.

2, the Chinese world network in accordance with the different stages of the development of the Internet, with management experience and constantly enrich the Chinese network for the maintenance of world order, and constantly improve the Convention, was released that effect, you shall comply with.

3, if the user is in violation of the Convention, the world Chinese network company have the right to punish users, including but not limited to limit login, pause or stop part or all of the services, reduce or cancel, cancel the rights certification, dissolution of the company, the title etc..

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