The management team

Huang Rongda

General counsel for American affairs

Huang rongda, general manager of the American affairs of the Chinese world network, former director of the general meeting of the Chinese association of China and overseas directors of the China overseas exchange association, is responsible for the strategic planning and administration of the us region

Ma Ri ning

Principal founder, executive director

Ma sunning, one of the main founders, executive director, chairman of the board of directors of the international investment group. Fully responsible for strategic planning, positioning and management of the company. Before the founding of the Chinese people in 2013, marzhinen had been a serial entrepreneur and successful investment industry, and has had more than 20 years of experience in Internet industry.


Principal founder, President

Yan bingguang, one of the main founders, chief executive and chief designer. Fully responsible for corporate strategy and operation management. The secretary general of the social economic promotion center of the China e-commerce association, the founder of the network, the practitioner of the scene marketing, focuses on the Internet business application solution.

Wu saibing

General manager of technology application division

Wu saibing, general manager of technology application division, responsible for platform technology research and development, technical innovation. Worked for a famous company, responsible for product structure, management. I have participated in the technical framework and research and development management of key information platform.

Chen Weizhong

General manager of overseas service division

Chen weii, general manager of overseas service division, is responsible for the operation and management of overseas branches of the Chinese world, and overseas customer service. Before joining the Chinese people, engaged in overseas business investigation and negotiation, and the overseas Chinese affairs affairs for 17 years. Significant contributions have been made to immigrant projects in many countries.

Rongqing quan

General manager of government affairs management department

Rongqing quan, general manager of the administrative department of government affairs, comprehensively responsible for the policy research, financial management, administrative manpower and national policy support application of government departments. Before joining the Chinese people, he worked in administrative management for more than 20 years.

Mr. Zhou guoping

Legal officer

Mr. Zhou guoping, a partner of law firm in guangdong, has set up a Chinese legal business service center in the United States, familiar with the laws of various countries around the world, and served as the chief legal officer of the Chinese world.