overseas marketing manager 1 (Shenzhen headquarters)

Job Description:

Job responsibilities:

1. to conduct market research and analysis, understand the development trend of the industry benchmarking analysis of brand products and sales, regular market forecast and analysis, provide the basis for the company decision-making

2. implement the brand planning and specification, brand promotion strategy, strengthen cooperation with third party organizations, all kinds of promotional activities, to enhance the company's international brand identification and activity.

3. aided design and maintenance of website, management of overseas social media promotion, research and development of new media and promotion, promote the upgrading of pipeline network promotion.

4. to assist in the planning organization of online and offline marketing activities, and follow up the activities in the market;

5. aided design specification standards, design plane, video and other propaganda materials, maintaining the company brand image; 6. through market research to provide product demand, product innovation,

7. is responsible for the sales service of overseas business.


1. university degree with good English ability;

2. marketing related working experience is preferred;

3. more than three years overseas sales and development experience, familiar with the overseas market;

4. has the sense of responsibility, to work hard working, strong teamwork ability and communication skills;

5. good product awareness, can promote the product development through continuous market activities.

basically does not go abroad, basically be online operation and communication, ask English communication barrier.