Core idea


The company vision

The most respected overseas Chinese Internet enterprises

·Constantly listen and meet user needs, guide and exceed users' demands, and win the respect of users

·Through the promotion of brand image, employees will be highly respected by employees

·To promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, grow with partners and win respect from the industry

·Pay attention to corporate responsibility, serve with heart, care for society, give back to society and win social respect



Enhance the quality of life of overseas Chinese through Internet service

To integrate products and services like water and electricity into the life of overseas Chinese, bring convenience and pleasure to overseas Chinese

Focus on different regions and groups, and provide differentiated products and services for different objects

We will build a win-win platform and work with partners to create a healthy Internet environment


Management concept

CARES about employee growth

·Provide good working environment and incentive mechanism for employees

·Improve employee training system and career development channel, so that employees can grow up with the enterprise

·To fully respect and trust the staff, to continuously guide and encourage, to achieve the joy of achievement


Business philosophy

Everything is based on user value


Integrity + pragmatic + cooperation + innovation

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