Focus on the nineteen major: the overseas Chinese complex of Xi Jinping’s visit

Chinese world network to help the world guest 29th Ken kiss conference

The world's 29th annual party congress (hereinafter referred to as the "world guest") was held in Hong Kong on October 12-15, 2017. 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, in this special day, "the guest will be" after 46 years finally returned to the home to Hong Kong, Hong Kong's return to the motherland will also be held in Hong Kong for the first time after the international guest assigned room assembly, double "return", is of far-reaching significance.

Hong Kong, Asia's world city brought together around the world trend and the essence, hakka culture of profound in meaning an atmosphere of blossom a new spark, extremely rich Hong Kong characteristic amorous feelings. Assembly including "thousand sails and meet the guest" multi-media performing, "hakka cup" race, special BBS "hakka", "hakka culture forum", "the guest is a youth summit", etc., to meet the "guest" people all over the world, the plan for nostalgia, total product hong!

For thousands of years, the hakka people have set sail to the sea, taking root in the world. During the "world guest meeting", a large multi-media performance of "thousands of sails and welcome to the world" was held in Hong Kong, and the spirit of "breaking a thousand layers of waves" was carried out by the hakka people./p>

「World conference on guest belong to the 29th assigned room "the opening ceremony will be around hakka people to participate in the construction of" area "this one theme, the China and the world with the power of the hakka people continue to promote connectivity and common development.

We have been actively involved in the public welfare undertakings of the ethnic group, and we have made efforts to assume corporate social responsibility and promote Internet civilization. We should advocate corporate citizenship and promote social harmony and progress. Chinese all over the world network of every product and business to embrace public welfare, united front, the open Internet, and advocate all enterprise together, through the use of the Internet technology, transmission advantages, create a new ecology of Chinese Internet.