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Focus on the nineteen major: the overseas Chinese complex of Xi Jinping's visit

The special plane of Chinese head of state is very busy. According to statistics, 5 years, Chinese President Xi Jinping flew 28 times to complete the trip flight mileage of about 570 thousand km, a total length of more than 190 days, toured five continents, 56 countries and major international and regional organizations.

Data sheet: Overseas Chinese welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit switzerland.

The picture is provided by overseas Chinese


Each trip, Xi Jinping is thinking about the local overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, out of time to meet to participate in the activities of overseas chinese. Fellow villager, two tearful eyes." In September 2015, Xi Jinping visited the United States, despite the busy, with his wife Peng Liyuan in Seattle to attend the welcome reception of overseas chinese. The first sentence drew warm applause and cheers from the audience. Coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, Xi Jinping also specially from Beijing for each of the overseas Chinese who met to bring home moon cakes and Mid Autumn Festival blessing. Local Chinese media evaluate its "human interest" is very strong". In his speech, Xi Jinping told the story of the American Pacific Railroad and the Chinese laborers. "150 years ago, tens of thousands of Chinese laborers abroad came to the United States to participate in the construction of the Ministry of Railways across the United states. They took simple tools, and deep in the cliffs in high mountains and lofty hills, cut paths through mountains water bypass, the paved strategic thoroughfare to the American West of the flesh was created a project miracle, led to the development of the western United States, as a monument of the Chinese struggle, enterprising, dedication." At the end of the meeting, Xi Jinping cited the famous Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Jiuling, "Yo Tianyu Kuang, Cece hometown." He said to the overseas Chinese, "welcome to see you often."." "Friendly, pride, gratitude, the overseas Chinese representatives use six words to describe their feelings. They expressed during his meeting with Xi Jinping in "the person is touched by the hometown relatives" speech, but also because of Xi Jinping in the Mid Autumn Festival with their homely chatter, V. nostalgia, feel the "learning diplomacy" with the "home" flavor. A rich cultural connotation of the speech, a repeated acceptance of overseas media interviews, scenes and overseas Chinese interactive warmth screen, are constantly narrowing the distance between Xi Jinping and overseas chinese.


Data sheet: Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Republic of Poland, Poland local Chinese, overseas students and Chinese funded institutions and other groups warmly welcome Xi Jinping visit.

In the past 5 years, wherever Xi Jinping visited, all of them had a whirlwind of charm. They were warmly welcomed by the local overseas chinese. "We welcome President Xi," "Chinese" powerful "you are good" and other slogans often appear in the Xi Jinping path on the main street, overseas Chinese and foreign students Chinese or waving flags, or dragon and lion dance, or sing songs, expressing their joy in various ways. When Xi Jinping concluded his visit to Australia in November 2014, he said, "wherever we went, the atmosphere was warm and the moving scene was unforgettable.". "My wife and I are feeling the same way". The country is closed to the people. From public speaking, signature articles to conversation and interview, Xi spoke about the moving stories of overseas chinese. In a state visit to Zimbabwe on the eve of Xi Jinping in the local media published a signed article mentioned, send love and warmth of the Chinese community in Zimbabwe for local orphans, with practical action to write in Tianjin friendly "now", also nurtured in Tianjin friendly future". Speaking at the parliament of the Republic of Congo, Xi Jinping told the story of 3 disaster stricken overseas Chinese struggling to rescue the neighbor of Congo at the risk of torrential rain. The footsteps of the visit go far, and remember the time. A new chapter in the development of the Chinese nation is the first heart that the Chinese top leader has not forgotten.