Signing ceremony of global strategic partnership will be held in Beijing
In 2017 the State Council Overseas Chinese affairs administration points

Yan Bingguang attended the national development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center Project matchmaking meeting


Belt and Road Initiative in response to the national call of the Chinese world network Bingguang international cooperation center Yan attended the national development and Reform Commission The Belt and Road management office project matchmaking, reaching the five point consensus:

, as shown in Figure 1, jointly organized the world series of overseas Chinese forums,

2, jointly carry out the study of overseas Chinese history and culture,

3, open both sides of the online platform technical interface, together to build overseas Chinese consulting platform,

4, the establishment of overseas Chinese investment fund, the United The Belt and Road series of new projects,

5, jointly carry out excellent overseas Chinese series interview column, spread overseas Chinese and overseas outstanding culture

, the national development and Reform Commission directly under the division level institutions in 1993, approved by the central office of the committee established (in office [1993] No. 47), independent legal career.

The main task of

: responsible for the implementation of the national development and Reform Commission and international organizations, foreign governments and enterprises, institutions and other foreign cooperation projects; the operation and management of development and Reform Commission and the foreign government established bilateral negotiation and cooperation mechanism, the organization to carry out international exchanges and bilateral between the government and the private sector; the research of China's opening up and foreign investment policy other aspects of the organization to carry out the relevant planning and policy; provide consulting services for domestic and foreign governments and enterprises; to undertake the administration of Foreign Affairs reception and service; to go abroad for study, training, access to foreign delegations organized various international conferences; procedures; participate in setting up the consultant and meeting the relevant economic entities.

is the center of the joint meeting of the national development and Reform Commission member countries to promote international cooperation, but also "The Belt and Road construction leading group office unit.