The total hall in the United States should be the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the state visit to China at the invitation of Chinese network world in the United States affairs general counsel Huang Rongda invited to attend
Signing ceremony of global strategic partnership will be held in Beijing

general counsel of the Chinese world network, attended the National Day reception of the State Council

On September 29th, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council held a reception in Beijing to celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China (68th anniversary). Overseas Chinese domestic and overseas Chinese representatives of more than 800 people attended the conference. Mr., former chief executive of the China General Assembly of the United States, director of the China Overseas Exchange Association, and Mr. Huang Rongda, general adviser on American affairs in the Chinese world network, attended the reception.

Qiu Yuanping, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and member of the Party committee (left)、Huang Rongda (right), general adviser to the Chinese people's Web site in the United States

Qiu Yuanping said in his speech pointed out that since the new China was founded 68 years, from a poor and weak and backward agricultural country, has become the world's second largest economy, especially since the party's eighteen, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the strong leadership, Chinese made many significant achievements in reform development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs and national defense and in running the party, state and army, the contribution to world economic growth rate accounted for 1/3 of global governance provides a "China wisdom", "Chinese scheme". "We can proudly announce that the Chinese nation has achieved a historic leap from standing up to becoming stronger, and usher in another glorious period!"

"Good love of their homeland, patriotism." Qiu Yuanping said that in the historical period of China's revolution, construction and reform and opening up, generations after generation of overseas Chinese made an indelible and important contribution to the liberation of the nation and prosperity of the country. Today, the main overseas Chinese is still China to introduce foreign capital and high-tech talent; overseas Chinese overseas Chinese culture dissemination, Chinese education popularization, sound global world, Chinese and foreign financing Chinese deepen friendly cooperation of the main force. "Your historical achievements will carry the Republic forward forever."."

Deputy director of the State Council Office Tan Tianxing (left),Huang Rongda (right), general adviser to the Chinese people's Web site in the United States

Qiu Yuanping stressed: "overseas Chinese are an important member of the great family of the Chinese nation, and the motherland has always been concerned about your survival and development.". We will continue to promote the harmonious overseas Chinese community construction, in-depth implementation of the Chinese plan, closely with overseas Chinese overseas overseas Chinese organizations, support the establishment of national CDAC center, the revitalization of Chinese education overseas, expand cooperation in Sino foreign cultural exchanges, promote the prosperity of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese, improve the public service system, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese, strengthen investment talent recruitment work, and guide overseas Chinese participation in Chinese Belt and Road Initiative '' development and construction, sharing with the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!"

Chen Zhuogang, President of the Guangdong Association of Dezhou, USA (1st right), the Chinese Unification Promotion Committee of Washington, D.C., Wei Xia (right two), general adviser to the Chinese people's world network in the United States, Huang Rongda (right, three) The executive director of the China Overseas Exchange Association, China Education Foundation Committee, China senior adviser, member of the eighth CPPCC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the New York Association for promoting peaceful reunification of life and general counsel Tian Changan (left three)

To cooperate with the country (Internet plus and The Belt and Road) the great rejuvenation strategy, through Internet technology services to enhance the quality of life of overseas Chinese is the world Chinese mission network. At present, the Chinese world network "to connect all overseas Chinese" as a strategic goal, providing social platforms and digital content two core services. Through the mobile terminal, S2C platform and PC terminal services, supermarkets and other industry-leading network platform, to meet the needs of overseas Chinese Internet users communication, information and financial needs. The development of the Chinese Internet has profoundly affected and changed the communication and living habits of tens of thousands of overseas Chinese, and created a wider application prospect for the overseas Chinese Internet industry.